What happens in a coaching session?

For many people coaching is a bit of a mystery. I can remember my first coaching session. I was unsure what to expect with a mixture of anxiety, excitement and curiosity.

What is coaching?

This is often the first question people have. When i first started exploring coaching it took me sometime to find a good definition that resonated with me. I eventually found this definition from Timothy Gallwey, author of the Inner Game of Tennis:


The key takeaway from this is that coaching is all about you and is focused on unlocking your potential.

Still unsure? Well there is not better way to understand coaching than to be coached! So you are in the right place.

Pre-session work

The coaching session starts as soon as you get in touch. As part of scheduling your first coaching session I ask you two important questions:

  • What interests you about coaching?
  • What is a good outcome for you from the coaching?

These enable me to get to know a little bit about your expectations before the session starts.

What happens if i cant make the session?

Don’t worry, unexpected events often arise. I do ask that you try and give at least 24hours notice to allow me to change my personal arrangements.

How do i prepare for the session? 

To make the most of the coaching session i would recommend:

  • Finding a quiet place for the coaching, free from distractions and anyone you wouldn’t want to listen in
  • Being ready for your coaching session at least 15 minutes beforehand. Take this time to relax, centre yourself for the session so that you are fully present. If you practice any meditation, then this is a great time to do that.

What happens during the first session?

The first coaching session lasts for 60 minutes. We will start by introductions with an opportunity for us to share a little about each other. During this hour we will explore what you want to get out of this session and any future sessions.

For many people this will be the first time they have been involved a coaching session so i’ll take some time setting expectations and talking a little about coaching. If you want to learn more before the session i would recommend checking out these pages from my blog:

Once we have setup for the session we are likely to do a coaching exercise that matches the outcome you want from the session. I have experience in well over 100 different coaching techniques so we’ll identify an exercise based upon your desired outcomes. Most of these exercises are focused on you doing the thinking and i’ll use the techniques to help bring clarity of thought enabling you to do your best thinking,

In the first session we don’t have a huge amount of time so we may not have time to fully explore the topic at hand.

In the last 10minutes of the session we will close the session, identifying any next steps you would like to take.